Insanity Is……

doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result.  

After much reflection (and a good nights sleep), I have come to realize that change is ALL I am seeking.

My husband has a pretty cool and calm head on his shoulders.  I, on the other hand, am fiery and passionate.  That is who I am.  I know that it can get me in trouble, but I also know that you will never have a truer, more passionate person to believe in you or your cause.  I have made others upset and mad due to my words.  At first, I thought, “that is terrible”,  I never want to put hurt or pain on another individual.

IMG_6799 So than I realized, I am sorry that others are hurt by my words, but I am NOT sorry for saying what I feel.  For standing up for what I believe in.  My words were addressed to my daughter’s schools participation. But truly, this can be pointed at ALL schools in America that choose to promote unethical organizations.  Just because there is some good being performed by these organizations, does NOT mean that they have integrity and should be supported. Integrity, according to the Webster dictionary, means having the quality of being honest and fair.  Fairness is not being conducted….not only to children with cancer….but to the people who are donating as well. Remember this:

where does my $100 (graph credit:thank you Brenda Kelley)

I also want to make it clear….in no way, do I believe that those who participate and organize these events are doing so maliciously.  I believe they have good intent.  They want to make a difference.  Why else would you devote so much time and energy into an event?!?!  I have friends that participate in Relay for Life.  I know fellow cancer families that participate as well.  That brings me back to my original first statement.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. Let’s stop the insanity. Change.   Look for, and invest in our future, for a real cure.  A Forever Cure.  Can you imagine what could be done with the hundreds of millions of dollars that is used on salaries?!?!  Perhaps a gentler, kinder, and forever cure.  And this is what I believe.  And looking forward…..forward to change.


So, who wants to build with me?!?! Who wants to see change????  How can we educate the masses on how they can make a difference?!?!? Open to all, and any suggestions…..

Searching for a “Forever Cure”


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