My heart is full…..

because my girl is happy and having fun!!!  This morning I received a picture of Zayla having fun tubing!!IMG_7492

Zayla was invited to spend the weekend with her very good friend Megan Berns, and her family in Shelbyville.  To many, this would not seem like a big deal….to our sweet Zayla, this meant the world to her.  You see, Zayla doesn’t get invited to go do “fun” things very often (really, more like not at all).  She has only stayed the night at someone’s house twice in the past year, and last fall she did go camping with a friend.  But that is it!  She constantly feels left out.  She feels different.  And she just wants to be a normal 14 year old girl!!  So today, my heart is full.  My girl is smiling and having a good time!  I couldn’t thank the Berns family enough for giving Zay this time to just be “normal”.

This upcoming week also marks a time that our lives were turned upside down.  July 15, 2013 was when we discovered Zayla’s tumor.  It has been two years.  I feel so grateful that Zayla has fought like hell and has made it to this HUGE milestone.  And I pray everyday that there are many more years to celebrate this crappiversary.  I guess it is almost fitting that on Thursday the 16th, Zayla will get her next MRI.  Exactly two years ago on July 16th is when she had her first one.  tumor picture

However, we are demanding that “Bob” the tumor is not present at this MRI.  You are not welcome, Bob….stay the heck away!!!!

Wanted to share some cute pictures of Ms Zayla…..we are disappointed with Mother Nature.  This has NOT been the best summer for swimming……IMG_7448

And here are some cute selfies…..IMG_7468IMG_7458 She is all attitude!!!

please keep Ms Zay in your prayers this week…..clean MRI is what we want!!!

Have a Great weekend!!!  I am not quite sure what to do with myself without any children…..


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