Not going to bring us down…..

did not get the results we were hoping for on the more detailed MRI. Appears that there are some nasty cancer cells trying to start the tumor shit show. No chemo this week. We are reconvening and with other specialists to devise a new plan of action. Will hopefully have a better idea by early next week. While this news was not what we wanted to hear…..we are NOT going to let this news bring us down.

So today….we are going to play in the sun. Screw you cancer!

This past weekend Zayla was able to do a small Bear Hug from Bear Necessities. She chose to attend the Dave Mathews Band concert at Alpine Valley. We had an amazing time (minus lots of drunk kids around us). Making memories. That is what our focus is. Always making memories.

     I do have one request from all of Zayla’s friends…..please, please, please start including her more in your lives.  Even if it is a simple text now and then…..this girl NEEDS the support!!!  And unfortunately we have seen less and less of many friends…..The support that Zayla received when she was first diagnosed….and the next year really….was awe inspiring.  We can not thank everyone enough for all of the LOVE and SUPPORT that has been shown. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

One of the trials that we have been discussing with Zayla’s medical team is using Immunotherapy and antibodies to attack her tumor.  I really and truly believe that the way of a cure for our girl will be through innovative treatments such as immunotherapy.  We want a Forever Cure!!!  I have decided to start training for the Disney Glass Slipper in February 2016.  I have chosen Noah’s Light Foundation to be who we will raise money for.  This organization uses ALL of their money to fund innovative cures for brain cancer…such as immunotherapy.  Please consider donating or joining us…..

Go make memories folks…..


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