I survived……

I purposefully work as much as I can…..physically can, that is.

I like to pick the days that will sting….and work.  In hopes of keeping busy…..and not letting the day get to me.  And when I say get to me….what I really mean is, eat at my heart and take away my sanity.

Today was one of those days.  But, I have not only survived the melancholy of no first day of school for my baby….I also survived seeing all the precious updates in the land of Facebook.  (I tried to stay away, but the darn Lularoe mega sale is tonight, so I had to)

Don’t get me wrong….I am glad that the world is still innocent and grand for most people/parents.  To live in a time when parents outlive their children should not exist. Ever.


I may not blog as often as I would like….but I do make notes of my thoughts on a daily basis into my phone.  I don’t feel like I can blog properly if it is frequent…..I have to have things “just so” before I will let the world read it.  Probably has something to do with my controlling nature….or something like that anyways.

I’m going to share something I wrote a couple weeks ago….that I titled, “Being forced into Empty Nesters”, because that is where my husband and I are….struggling through being robbed of the last years with our youngest child at home.  It’s too soon.  And so unfair.

Empty nest.  One thing I’ve noticed? I truly like my husband.  The kids have always made me appreciate him.  (He’s a great provider and awesome dad….makes me giggle on a daily basis.) But now??? I just truly enjoy his company.  Not only do I love this man, but I truly like the person that he is.

And for that.  I am grateful.

Still searching for that damn peace……


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