Passion.  A thought that was discussed the other night.   

I think some of my passion has been stolen. Maybe that is why I have been “quiet”.  And focused.  

I know that some of my writing can seem. Raw.  Bitter.  Some may say “bitty” (replace with appropriate word).  At those points I think it is my passion.  Leaking out into words.  A way of expressing myself.  

Team Zayla is really about my amazing daughter.  Who is not here.  But remembered. 

To be remembered, you have to keep living.  Some days, we feel as if we are just here.  Just trying to survive without her.  But, you have to keep living to truly remember those you love.  Notice I say love and not loved.  Because I believe loved is not a past tense term when our love ones die.  IT continues forever.  At least that is what my heart says.  

In five days, Jason and I will be traveling to California with the two girls.  Our first trip.  Together.  Trying to keep living.  

That’s what she would want.  

Keep living…..

Miss you baby girl.  

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