We are all alike. And yet so different—

We are all alike. And yet so different. 

In my recent travels with hubby—I fully understood this. 

Driving down the coast of So Cal, you see it. Sometimes moments of judgement sprinkled with understanding and genuine caring. 

Without knowing your story. Or even caring for that matter. 
But that is how we should treat all humans. Equally. And with kindness and non judgement. 

Each stop along our way— I tried to leave a bit of Zs mark. Some subtle. Others—in your face.  When we traveled to NOLA after Z passed, I started leaving stickers when able—to leave her mark. It was like she was with—and yet, she is always with us. 

So to those who may be reading this after seeing a Team Zayla sticker—stick around. My rantings of childhood cancer and subsequent loss can maybe inspire. That’s my hope. That it is not all for nought. 

Live life everyday. Never hesitate to do something out of fear. 

Miss you baby girl. All. The. Damn. Time.