I. Hate. The. Holidays.

Well, really I don’t. I actually feel that there was so much joy during the Holidays, that is why they hurt so much now. Seems crazy? Right?

That’s grief.

Sometimes I feel I am surrounded by death. But it doesn’t affect me. Not like hers. Her death was the death of all deaths. Or so my crazy mind tells me.

I feel empathy for others in their times of immediate loss. Sometime’s it is so strong….I can feel it almost physically hurting me.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

That is a daily mantra. And always trying to keep my shit together. So exhausting.


Several recent losses for others…..and with the Holidays, it just makes it a little more painful. Please, please, please remember that others sometimes can’t find the JOY this time of year. Embrace that. Love a little more. We are all going through our own stuff.

And so I create. And paint. Getting my fingers dirty. Always cobbling as my dear husband says.

I am going to have an Open Barn December 15th from 1-3pm at our barn. I will be trying to sell the remainder of items I have made. Trees, signs, wreaths, smaller barn quilts. And am shooting to have all special orders completed at that time so as to have for pick up. With the orders I have received so far today, I am looking to surpass my $2000 goal!! Thank you!!!




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